Saturday, May 23, 2020

Is Justice Possible Free Essay Example, 2000 words

This helped the Nigerian people to revitalize their spirits and to eradicate military rule from their country. This case shows that through education a society can earn the determination to liberate them from oppression. In the context, of educational rights Nigeria is observed to be a participant of the Jomitien agreement. This agreement specially focuses on educational needs. However, Nigeria is still observed to be much backward in its educational status. This fact leads to a number of children to be the sufferers of acute poverty. In addition to the lack of educational infrastructure, the girl community is further deprived of their educational right. To this end, civil bodies in Nigeria like the Social Alert Network and Center for Human Rights and Empowerment are keenly observing the actions taken by the Federal and State Governments in promoting education for all. Moreover, the Global Campaign observes it for Education that the prevalence of education in African countries has h elped in reducing the threat imposed by AIDS. (Akinbode, 2006, pp. 92-94) Role of Religion in matters of Social Justice The role of religion in promoting justice to a region or community is widely encouraged by human rights bodies. We will write a custom essay sample on Is Justice Possible or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now In fact it is observed that the human rights bodies have operated closely with religious units to render social justice in regions of Latin America like Chile and Brazil. It is observed that religious bodies have insisted on the reduction of capital punishment. However, the human rights activist have strongly opposed to in this direction stating that abolition of capital punishment signifies judicial sacrifice. They further added that abolition of capital punishment is permissible in cases for reconciliation to convey democratic peace in the country. Further, the religious bodies have also stressed on matters of political reconciliation between conflicting groups to restore peace and empathy in the country. Christians and Islamic bodies are mainly found to participate actively in the restoration process through religious doctrines of Jesus Christ and Allah respectively. It is further observed that religious bodies in Latin American countries like Br azil and Chile attempted to carry out detailed sets of investigation on the activities of the military regime. The Catholic Church further carried out a reconciliation exercise to restore democracy in the region. Keeping in tune to the activities of the Chilean Catholic Church the Archbishop of South Africa and other religious leaders created the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission or the TRC.

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