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Divorce Prevention Programs - 441 Words

Divorce Preventions Marriage is not something rarely seen nowadays. Populates who have a decent relationship, estimated to continue their relationship to a marriage. However, in the time marriage rate increasing, the increment of divorce rate cannot be avoided. More than a half of all marriages will end with divorcement. (Echols, 2010). Divorce occurs likely because of platonic relationship and poor communication. This essay will examine those problems which cause divorce, and offer three reasonable solutions to prevent divorcement in the community. Also, try to evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions. Nowadays, divorcement is a problem that noticeably on the increase. This issue happens right at most of countries in the world. â€Å"The phenomenal divorce rate among newlywed couples is a serious problem that should be immediately addressed in Palestine.† (Al-Rub, 2014). Indeed, romance is something that beautiful to most of societies. However, romance could also be something that not predictable, in this case is divorcement. Divorce has adverse effects both for women and men. One of the effects that caused by divorce is depression. Depression is one of the most visible divorcement effects. Depression makes mostly people accomplish daily activities, desperately in their life, both in relation to others and themselves. In fact, divorcement also brings bad influence to children whose parents have divorced. â€Å"Children whose parents have divorced are increasingly the victimsShow MoreRelatedMission, Programs, Services, And Operations Of The Agency850 Words   |  4 Pagesc reate an agency that would offer a non-profit and non-medical home-based family preservation program. Later in 1997 both agencies merged with Laporte Hospital. Additional changes occurred in 2003 when Family Support Services started providing services as Family Focus, Inc. â€Å"In the 23 years since its inception Family Focus has provided an array of Community-Based Programs including Crisis, and Prevention Services, and Parental Educational Instruction collectively serving over 6,000 families to dateRead MoreCommunity Intervention Against Domestic Abuse899 Words   |  4 Pagesmultiple free services such as mental health counseling. They provide a twenty-four hour crisis line, individual and group counseling, financial assistance, information, and referrals. They also legal information, court support, community prevention, educational programs, Rabbinical and community advocacy, and training. These resources are culturally sensitive to the Jewish communities. Although domestic violence is very harmful to the victim, it is more difficult for a woman with a Jewish backgroundRead MoreMarriage Is A Important Part Of Modern Society936 Words   |  4 Pagesof modern society. Weddings are occurring and the majority of individuals are committing to a lifelong partnership towards somebody they love. Within the United States divorce rates are high and a movement towards marital education has emerged to help combat the problem (Hawkins, Carroll, Doherty, 2004). Marital education programs are being used as interventions in order to help married couples develop and maintain a satisfying life together. Education and training has been used by generalist socialRead MoreThe Effects Of Delinquency On Children s Life1657 Words   |  7 Pagesdie are better adjusted than children whose parents have divorced. Divorce and family breakup are often associated with hostility, aggression and conflict which can cause behavior problems, hyperactivity, detachment and greater susceptibility to peer pressure in children. Unfortunately, remarriage does not lessen the effects of the divorce and are proven to be less stable than families with two biological parents. However, divorce or family breakup is not necessary to have family conflict. SomeRead MoreThe Importance Of Marriage Preparation And Premarital Counseling Essay734 Words   |  3 Pagesincreased in the United States as the divorce rate continues to remain high.† (Larson et. al., 2002 p.233) Marital dysfunction and dissatisfaction are among the top reasons couples have sought out divorce. With the rate of divorce rising, it pose s a question what marriage and family therapists can do to help lower the divorce rates and help couples develop healthier relationships. †¨ Premarital prevention programs were implemented in the 1930’s, where the first program was developed at the Merrill-PalmerRead MoreDivorce Is A Common Way Of Life1181 Words   |  5 Pagesmarriages and divorce are common encounter. Approximately, 90 percent of people are usually married by the time they reach the age of 50. Having a healthy marriage is excellent for couples’ mental as well as their physically health. Most importantly, it is also good for children. With children growing up in a home that is happy, it protects them from mental, physical, educational as well as social problems. However, approximately 40 to 50 percent of couples who are married get divorce in the UnitedRead MorePersonal Religious And Cultural Beliefs And Values754 Words   |  4 Pagesdomestic violence situation often is determined by their personal religious and cultural beliefs and values. The person believes that marriage is a union of God and divorce or separation is wrong. Instead they believe that all things can be worked out through the power of prayer. They believe the children need their father and divorce would hurt the children emotionally. Economic dependence on the abuser Many women caught up in abusive relationships have been prevented from obtaining education orRead MoreWhat Is The Road To Resiliency1192 Words   |  5 Pagesare substance abuse, suicide, domestic violence and assault, arrest, poverty, unemployment, lack of healthcare, low income, lack of affordable housing, debt, gender inequality, not having access to trained professionals, child abuse and neglect, divorce, teen pregnancy, and rise of sexually transmitted disease. People have also been impacted by current events such as the devastating fires occurring in northern California, the mass shootings and also, (but unrelated to the mass destruction), the presidentialRead MoreThe On The Gender Machinery1638 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"national reconciliation† (kjjkl). In 2003 both UNIFEM and Urgent Action Fund for Women s Human Rights, delivered a presentation on gender- based human rights violations. Its’ focus was towards the effect, armed conflict had on women and child ren. The program endorsed gender sensitivity in managing girls and women victims’ statements whilst additionally building skill sets for conversing with these women and the distressed witnesses (kjkljklj). In 2006, 34 Family support units provided legal and psychologicalRead MoreThe Effects Of Substance Abuse On The School Aged Populations787 Words   |  4 Pagesstudent may be dealing with their parents divorce and could be tired and not doing homework because the student is listening to their parents fight. This is why it is important that school counselors do look for signs of addiction and assess students properly so that counselors can identify if the student is having an issue with substance abuse or something else, so that the appropriate intervention or treatment is provided. Strategies for the Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment of Addictions

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